Thorq - Player Introduction

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    • Thorq - Player Introduction

      Hello Everyone

      My name is Hugo Thomas a 22 year old boy from the Netherlands. After I quit Atherys Ascended I have been wandering around the internet looking for a server that would meet my expectations, it was a long journey until I found this server. The problem is that I dont speak German but I can understand it. Im looking for a player to learn me the ropes of this server and hope I will get invited in an guild soon.


      I started my Minecraft career on Civcraft. It wasnt an succes at all, I didnt know how to use coordinates and was overall an complete idiot. After I left the server I started to play on Massivecraft, I made some friends there who learned me how to pvp and became member of Deldrimor. I have played on Massivecraft until late 2015 and decided to leave because there wasnt really an point in playing anymore. After that I started on Atherys Ascended, an heroes pvp server. In the beginning we got raided over and over until we learned how to use the classes and we became the best town on Atherys Ascended. Because we beated players that had 4 years experience and we had 3 months experience they did everything to get us banned.. What happenend in the end. After wandering on many servers and playing tons of Team Skywars I gave up on finding an new home server until now :#

      I know that many people say that they are good in PvP to be honest with you im not the best in PvP but lets say it this way I can defend myself. The pictures are for proof only ^

      Cubecraft - Team Skywars

      Hypixel - Warlords

      A few channels and videos with members of our team on the other servers I just noted.

      Our reaction on the video that got us banned on Atherys Ascended:

      Atherys Ascended

      Outnumbered Defence



      Leader of Deldrimor

      With Regards

      ~ H

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    • Herzlich Willkommen auf Ethyron!
      I've used to play on Atherys as well and i've got tired of it way too quickly. The whole system probably just wasn't made for me. My initial plan was to find a replacement for a similar server like this one (called Alonian) which sadly was shut down due to AFK teammembers and stuff. Ethyron was created to fill the wishes of "serverless" players and, well, now we're almost there. This server will obviously launch soon and i hope you can get used to the client and everything that comes with it fast. Feel free to ask questions here.

      Best wishes,

    • Thankyou Vollgasidiot ^

      Im sure that it wont take long and what you say about Atherys is right. It is also the community with their salty behaviour that made many players leave after an short period of playing. The owner isnt listening to the community at all unfortunately and many good heroes administrators left the team what makes that the server is dying.

      All the best for you sir <^3
    • Hey there Hugo!
      Like you and the idiot ( ^^) I also tried Atherys out. The server was okay, but it lacked players, who were looking for PvP-experiences.
      ( The time-zone difference was also noticeable, which sadly sucked )

      You could try to get your old town members back into business, because I believe that you and your comrades had the basics of teamwork down and playing with persons that know how to play will greatly boost your chance of success. Moreover I think that the language barrier looks scarier than it actually is and I'm sure you'll get used to the server, but be careful you can't trust many german players, they are known for stabbing one into the back ....

      Hope to see you ingame :)